Frequently Asked Questions

Am i going crazy or are prices dropping in real time?

No, you don't hallucinate! Our prices are really dropping, cent by cent, all day long, from noon to 2am. Don't forget: "In procrastination we trust!" So, the later you book, the cheaper you get! But, take care, the best deals disappear sooner than others!

Can I book a room at any time?

No, our deals open at noon, and close at 2am.

Why should I wait until noon to book a room?

Don't forget that VeryLastRoom is a "very last-minute" booking app! Noon is soon enough!

Can I make a reservation for several nights?

No, it's not possible yet, but we're working on it!

Can I cancel a reservation or get a refund?

No! That's part of the deal! This is the only way for us to provide you such awesome deals! ;-)

Why hotel ask for my credit card at check-in, whereas i already paid my room through the app?

Don't worry, you won't be asked to pay your room twice! Some hotels still prefer to ask your credit card again, to avoid minibar attacks, etc...

I am asked for a city tax, is it normal?

Yes, our prices don't include city tax. This tax is specific to each destination.

Can i choose my room type?

No… Again ! That's part of the deal! In order to get the best rates, we can not guarantee the room type or a specific bed type, but you will always get a room for 2 persons. The good thing is that you still have a chance to get a room upgrade!

Do I have to fill my bank details for each booking?

Yes. We don't store your credit card details yet, but we are working on it.

Can I make a booking for a friend?

On the booking process, just fill your friend's name and email address. he/she will receive the booking receipt by email that will allow him/her to check-in at the hotel.